Occam, the data-driven marketing agency, is today launching Accelero: a Cloud-based, end-to-end data management product aimed at helping organisations rapidly respond to their customers’ actions and desires.

Uniquely, Accelero integrates proven marketing technology from across the industry with Occam’s own data platform, creating more relevant, engaging and personalised customer experiences.

With marketers under pressure to justify campaign spend and quickly deliver tangible results, Accelero can be deployed in less than a month, bypassing processes traditionally associated with building and utilising a Single Customer View (SCV) and associated technologies.

Clients will have access to all of the data within the data platform and a range of market-leading technologies that will help them understand the customer and configure engagement strategies across multiple channels. These applications – available to all sizes of organisation across every sector, as separate modules or a holistic solution – include:
• Visualisation – Apteco Discoverer
• CRM – SugarCRM
• Campaign management – IBM Campaign / Apteco Cascade
• Email/SMS – Pure360.

Accelero simplifies the process of aggregating customer interactions by using pre-formatted data loaders. The technology enables transformed customer communications through easy access to modelling, personalisation and automated campaigns. Ultimately, it can provide speedy measurement to justify marketing investment.

Depending on the requirements of a business, Occam can either install Accelero then hand over implementation to the marketing team, or provide ongoing training and on-the-ground support.

Current deployment of Accelero includes clients from the publishing/media, travel and automotive industries.
Gary Arnold, head of marketing technology at Occam – a St Ives Group company – said: “Customer understanding is essential to delivering engaging marketing experiences, and data is the raw fuel that drives it. This has been a fundamental part of Occam’s proposition since our inception over 20 years ago.

“With Accelero, we have taken our experience in building bespoke, data-driven marketing solutions and created a product that puts data and understanding at the core of its capabilities. We have done this by integrating our single customer view technology with carefully selected software that provides capabilities to understand and interpret customer behaviour, then take action to deliver engaging customer experiences. By pre-integrating these capabilities we are able to reduce deployment time from months to weeks, thereby helping our clients to achieve a return on their investment more rapidly – a key requirement for today’s marketing industry.”

Neil Evans, Managing Director at Occam said: “Accelero is a core part of Occam’s development strategy and has been carefully created before being launched to the wider market. The creation of Accelero is a positive action to deal with the commercial pressures businesses continue to face in delivering results quickly and efficiently. While we continue to develop market-leading enterprise solutions, our investment in this area has been large and will continue to grow. We’ve taken our years of data and marketing technology experience to build something that will enable marketers to deliver results quickly.”