Following January’s travel roundtable in London, PerformanceIN is delighted to present the first expert-led supplement of 2015.

PerformanceIN teamed up with travel intelligence platform ADARA to bring together travel specialists from leading agencies, affiliate networks and hotel chains to discuss the changes and challenges surrounding their market.

Representatives from brands such as, Cheapflights, Hilton Hotels and House of Kaizen took part in a discussion on technology and marketing within their sector, and the resulting Travel Supplement is now available to download.

Outlook and developments

The supplement consists of a series of Q&As with the participants, covering topics from mobile experience to cross-device tracking, and how both have reshaped travel marketing as we know it.

Capping off this month’s issue is an outlook of the travel market and the expected developments over the next 12 months.

This edition also includes research-based features reviewing travel’s ‘creatures of habit’ and the issue of tackling customer loyalty within the sector. Both look at the characteristics of the modern travel consumer as well as how providers can cater for their demands.

Confirming trends

Michael Long, senior partner marketing manager at, commented on the merits of the roundtable, stating that a discussion with others in the industry was both valuable and insightful.

“The travel marketing roundtable was a very useful forum. It was really good to discuss issues and ideas that are unique to the travel industry and get opinions on how to best tackle them from advertisers, networks and agencies.

“Having a broader discussion with a wider audience really helped confirm trends we see for the future as well as identify new opportunities that we had not necessarily considered before.”

The travel supplement is now available to download exclusively at PerformanceIN.

The next roundtable, covering the single customer view, will take place Tuesday, February 24 with the supplement due for release at the end of March.

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