Digital advertising technology company Magnetic has released insights into retail trends during Q4 2014 revealing the importance of timing when capturing the attention of consumers.

The data was analysed from search queries collected from product reviews, e-commerce and shopping comparison sites and Magnetic’s top 50 retail advertisers.

Unsurprisingly, deal-related searches increased by 200% within the three days leading up to Black Friday. Searches spiked the week before Cyber Monday and remained high throughout the holiday season.  

The data also reviewed consumer spending habits, with boosts in search activity across a number of categories in the lead up to the holiday season including electronics, travel, apparel and food.

Window of opportunity

James Green, CEO of Magnetic commented that findings from the data show that there is a window of time between peaks in ad delivery and when conversions occur which must be taken advantage of if brands and advertisers intend on influencing consumers’ purchasing decisions.
“This window of time between when ads are delivered and when conversions occur shows the vital importance of tapping into consumers’ search activity within the consideration phase,” he said.

“Timing is everything. In order to influence conversions, marketers need to react as soon as their audience signals intent.”

The highest ad delivery for the month of November was seen on the Monday before Thanksgiving, with 17% more ads served than at any other time.

According to the results, ad spend increased towards the end of October, with conversions peaking on Black Friday, 23% higher than on Cyber Monday.

Retail ads served on desktops grew 42% from Q3 to Q4, while ads served on mobile grew 21% from Q3 to Q4.