Hong Kong-based startup Shopline has raised US $1.2 million to develop its offerings, increase staff numbers and expand across Southeast Asia.

The company, which consists of just nine members of staff and has been operating for a year, has already attracted the attention of a number of investors.

Shopline looks to help online sellers who have grown alongside the rise of social media in Asia, to sell goods directly to consumers on standalone websites, as opposed to an eBay-esque marketplace.

Investors include Ardent Capital, Hong Kong’s SXE Ventures, East Ventures, COENT Venture Partners and 500 Startups.

Last year Shopline took part in 500 Startups’ US-based accelerator program in the group’s tenth batch of new companies.

Growth and expansion

Shopline provides payment systems, a website – designed to support visitors from mobile devices – with easy-to-use dashboards and the ability to track data, in addition to marketing and promotion for online retailers of all sizes.

The startup also aims to help those who are less tech savvy to grow their reach and visibility. In return, retailers pay $40 per month and do not incur any transaction fees.

Although Shopline began with focus on the Chinese-speaking markets of Hong Kong and Taiwan, it will be looking to expand into Southeast Asia later this year.

According to data cited by the American Chamber of Commerce in Taipei, Taiwan’s e-commerce market alone generated revenues of US $25 billion in 2013.

Co-founder and CEO of Shopline Raymond Yip says the funding will be used to grow the company, increasing the number of staff and ramping up marketing efforts.