Digital publishing has created opportunities for any person to build and monetise their digital business. Entrepreneurs no longer need access to millions of dollars to build their business – now anyone can do it with ease. And mobile publishing is making it that much easier.

The rise of digital publishing in the last 15 years has brought one major change in the publishing industry. In the same way that the publisher sales rep – the person responsible for wining and dining agencies and marketers to secure the ad sales insertion order – was partly replaced by media and affiliate networks, automated ad solutions have mostly displaced the later. This industry change enables publishers to secure and place ads without hand-holding and free lunches, as well as the headache of manually managing the offers from numerous networks. It’s also why anyone can become a publisher today.

In the same way that automated solutions like programmatic buying have improved on a manual process of selling, booking and placing an ad, today’s API can improve the performance of affiliate networks for mobile marketers.

The API – application program interface – is the interface implemented by an application which allows other applications to communicate with it. APIs are basically pieces of code created by a developer to enable other applications to interact and share data with their application. The buttons which enable you to share this article via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. are examples of APIs.

Now, think of how you work with your affiliate network. You engage with an affiliate network, and then begin a series of skype chats/calls/emails with your account manager in order to find the best offers to distribute in your app or website.

Thanks to APIs, today, there is an app for that.

Here’s how APIs can save you time and money over working with affiliate networks:

You will get the highest paying offers automatically

Affiliate networks provide great service. For every request, your account rep processes the action item and then sends you a confirmation email.

Working with an API, all changes are automatic. You’re automatically served the highest paying offers, optimised programmatically. You can select different offers based on category relevancy and create your own design and ad structure, pulling the needed data from the API.

By working with an API, the affiliate network account manager can spend their time finding new affiliates and publishers while letting the technology do the job which is better suited for an algorithm.

Better optimisation

Whenever you start working with a new affiliate network, the first couple of months require a lot of trial and error until you find the right offers. And a few months later, you need to re-optimise your affiliates as the results change.

While working with an API, there is no need for trial-and-error optimisation. The API will automatically optimise the offers served based on the best performing eCPMs and will re-optimise the publishers continuously to ensure maximum performance.

With all of the advancements in app marketing, most notably the revenue maximisation and operational efficiency brought by APIs, I don’t see the traditional affiliate network model staying with us for long. Instead, I see a lot of new and exciting opportunities for forward-thinking and technologically-savvy affiliate networks to take affiliate marketing to the next level.

That being said, it’s important to pay special attention to the advertiser diversity provided by the ad platform to ensure the maximum performance of your monetisation campaigns amplified with the advanced app marketing technologies.