JAC Vapour constantly invest time and resources to make sure they are here to stay, making them an ideal programme to affiliate with.

Name: Paydot Affiliate Network

Contact: Vairo Kremanis

Email: vairo.kremanis@twist360.com

What puts JAC Vapour ahead of their competitors?

JAC Vapour are the only recognisable UK brand providing high quality, affordable products to all e-cigarette users whether new or experienced. The company’s customer loyalty and retention is exceptional, with many of their customers having been with them since they first began vaping.

JAC Vapour has a unique, open and actively passionate customer base, resulting in them being one of the mostly frequently and highly reviewed e-cigarette brands online.

JAC Vapour are one of the only UK e-cigarette companies that has their own research and development team. This allows them to create fully bespoke designs that aren’t possible for generic e-cigarette retailers. In 2014, the company launched two unique products that were instant best sellers:

  • JAC Vapour vapourless Clear Steam ™ e-liquid was borne out of a customer need to be able to vape anywhere; should an outlet or workplace impose a vaping ban, or when travelling. From scientific studies, we know that vaping has no negative second hand health properties. But the appearance of the vapour can still worry people. To address this, JAC Vapour created a UK made e-liquid range with all the same great flavour and throat hit as their normal UK range but with the advantage that no vapour is exhaled when using it.  By eliminating the visible vapour aspect, JAC Vapour customers can vape anywhere without causing consternation or being asked to stop.
  • JAC Vapour SERIES-E battery was launched at the end of 2014 and has been flying off the shelves, sometimes faster than  it can be produced. Designed and created by the JAC Vapour product engineers and produced by their manufacturing partners, the result is a high capacity, form fitting battery that not only looks stunning but bridges the gap between the eGo and enthusiast level mods.

The quality and safety of their products is placed at the top of JAC Vapour’s agenda. As safety becomes more of an issue in an expanding and, as yet, largely unregulated industry, JAC Vapour continue to operate at the forefront of driving safety procedures and processes. They are one of only 25 members of ECITA (Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association) in the UK, and are audited twice yearly. This means all of their e-liquids are tested at source, secondly by by the ECITA and also independently in UK labs to ensure customer safety. Batteries are also tested independently by ECITA and all JAC Vapour hardware is CE and ROHS certified. Their own designs like the SERIES-E are TUV certified also (currently the SERIES E is the only TUV tested e-cigarette product on the market in the EU).

What does this mean for JAC Vapour affiliates?

Affiliates can be assured that the products they endorse are tested thoroughly safe and comply with ALL current EU regulations. JAC Vapour constantly invest time and resources to make sure they are here to stay, making them an ideal programme to affiliate with.

What resources does JAC Vapour offer to its affiliates?

Affiliates get a wide selection of branded banners (which are updated on a regular basis), a selection of amateur photos, PR material, seasonal CTA’s, PDF’s with more product specific information, user video guides and deep links to their liking.

Additionally, the JAC Vapour team is always happy to provide affiliates with product samples, which is exactly what most of the content and video marketing affiliates need in order to share their experience online. Once you become an affiliate, you can expect a free product sample each time JAC Vapour releases a new product. All you need to do is ask!

What commission does JAC Vapour pay?

Affiliates who use a unique to them discount code will earn 15% per sale (when a customer uses the code) and 30% when a discount code is not used. The great thing about this is that the discount code works as an additional tracking method, meaning we can track sales without IP/Cookie/Session link, just by the discount code alone. This to some extent allows affiliates to take their affiliate marketing offline, which is fantastic.

Are there any exciting developments coming up?

JAC Vapour place great importance on new product development. Their own in-house product engineers are currently working on two new, bespoke products – one of which is at prototype stage – which will see JAC Vapour further set themselves apart from their competitors.  

They will also be expanding their e-liquid range with new and unique products, as well as extending their hardware product range and creating an ‘Advanced User’ category on their web shop.

JAC Vapour have an exciting growth strategy in place for 2015. They aim to open a further 10 brand-owned retail outlets in the UK and expand their online web shop offerings into new countries. They plan to open market specific web shops tailored to that market with their own, foreign language, customer service team.

This is where incentives come in. The latest JAC Vapour incentive allows new and existing affiliates to pocket generous bonuses by simply expanding their reach to Germany and soon to  other markets.

Sounds great, how do I join?

You can apply to join the JAC Vapour program here. If you have any questions, our team will be more than happy to help.