Affiliate marketing agency AffiliateTraction and have collaborated to launch a Canadian-centric discount website.

The new site,, has incorporated AffiliateTraction’s top Canadian companies, including Cosmo Music, French Connection, Canada Post, Go Gear, Home Depot Canada, and IceJerseys.

AffiliateTraction has also provided invaluable guidance on the Canadian market thanks to its own experience of operating in the area. has further promised to place an emphasis on offers and products from Canadian brands and retailers.

“Countries like Canada have a lot to learn from the US market, but it can’t be stressed enough that our differences must also be taken into consideration,” says Ian Francis, CRO and managing director of AffiliateTraction’s Toronto office.

“We are helping affiliates understand the business environment, culture, and practices that will help them succeed in other markets. This helps them, our clients, and ultimately our local branch to succeed. It’s a major win for all parties involved.”

Developing relationships

The discount online marketplace is part of AffiliateTraction’s effort to reach out to affiliates in emerging markets and develop relationships. This has enabled the agency to ensure placements based on the performance of sales, as opposed to payment for traffic via CPM and CPC.

“While many outsourced program managers try to work with existing affiliates in their own country, we are proactively looking for opportunities to help develop affiliates so they may extend their reach both domestically and internationally,” said Greg Shepard, Affiliate Traction CEO.

“This means we are in the business of leveraging partnerships to develop the affiliate channel as a whole so that performance-based marketing captures a larger portion of overall online business.”

Affiliate Traction clients have reportedly seen noteable growth as a result of placements. Of the numerous international Savoo sites, is among the top-ranked for revenue generation to date.