High-street retailer Monsoon has announced it will be trialling Rakuten Marketing’s Cadence Essential, a new attribution tool which will allow the retailer to gain a transparent view of how its communication channels are working.

The tool, which will enable the Monsoon to see its results in real time, was launched by Rakuten in San Francisco last month at the company’s Symposium event and is available for free for Rakuten Marketing customers.
Monsoon will be working with the omni-channel marketing firm, a division of Rakuten Inc, to gain insight into the performance of its marketing channels. This partnership will allow the retailer to gain an in-depth view into the consumer journey over both converting and non-converting channels.

Complex journey

Bilal Adham, the senior ecommerce marketing manager at Monsoon expressed enthusiasm for the new tool and the importance of awareness when it comes to the consumer and the consumer journey.
“The customer journey is more complex than ever, so understanding how our customers shop is crucial for us to offer them the best online experience.

“With Cadence Essential we will be able to make informed decisions about marketing spend based on data, and by looking at our overall performance across channels we will be able to learn how to be even more effective in our marketing. Technologies like this are essential for marketers in order for us to keep innovating and improving results.”

Cadence Essential is one of a number of attribution offerings from Rakuten Marketing. Others include premium attribution products and ‘Measured Success’ services such as customised performance measurement and analysis.

The beta launch of the omni-channel attribution tool will allow companies such as Monsoon to make informed decisions and optimise campaign spend levels which could ultimately lead to a delivery of higher ROI.