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Could the Super Bowl Be Profitable for UK Retailers?
Image Credit Philip Robertson Creative Commons license

Could the Super Bowl Be Profitable for UK Retailers?


Sunday’s highly anticipated game between defending champions Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots could contribute to a boost UK retail sales, claims

The Super Bowl, which is expected to be the most watched televised event in America, is consistently a huge event for US retailers, with fans across the country buying large quantities of food, drink and (American) football paraphernalia for popular ‘Super Bowl parties’.

Recent analysis from the voucher code website has revealed that the past week has seen an 86% surge in searches for TV discounts and a 110% increase in searches for food and drink offers.

Bigger in Britain

The website found last year’s searches for takeaway offers surged by 168% on the day of the game and, in preparation for Sunday’s game, food retailers have made 82% more codes available this weekend to respond to consumer demand. also reported a staggering 238% increase in consumers, inspired by the sport, looking for sport-related offers. Following in the steps of the food industry, sports retailers have released 63% more codes this year

“Last year saw big U.S. retail events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday explode on this side of the pond and our site data suggests the same could be true of the Super Bowl.” says Claire Davenport, general manager of

“Whilst it’s unlikely that the event will drive the level of revenue for UK retailers that’s seen in America, it is likely that the Super Bowl will be bigger than ever in Britain this year.”

Davenport added that the game will be widely accessible in the UK, being aired on Sunday night by Channel 4 and predicts that build-up is likely to start early, with food retailers in particular preparing for a surge in interest on Sunday evening.

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Adele MacGregor

Adele MacGregor

Adele works as a news and features reporter for Existem, covering the latest updates from the performance marketing industry. Adele has written for Media Wales, Grazia Magazine and publications in Spain and the US, with topics ranging from social media and digital skills to local music and gymnastics.

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