Net Media Planet joined PerformanceIN to play host to an exclusive webinar discussing display advertising in 2015.

Sri Sharma and Andrew Turner, CEO and head of display sales respectively at Net Media Planet, were on hand to deliver their predictions for display ahead of what could be a huge year for one of online marketing’s most important channels.

The free webinar, which took place on Thursday, January 22, also explored the growth of display and how marketers can use it to maximise online performance.

“It was a great opportunity to join PerformanceIN for a webinar on a topic that really means a lot to us,” said Turner, whose company specialises in the running of paid search and display advertising campaigns.

“We are really excited about what the future of display advertising holds for the industry and as its popularity grows so does the technology.”

One of the key takeaways from the webinar was programmatic’s growth through video, which will become more accessible to viewers via the likes of Google Preferred and 4oD.

Programmatic buying is driving rapid growth for display and there is evidence of an increase in consumer appetite with regards to video.

Facebook is also helping things along with its own growth as brands increase their spend on the network and speed up their adoption of cross-device marketing.

The richness of creative and engaging ads was another topic raised by Sharma and Turner, in addition to a considerable rise in display ads on wearable technology such as smart watches, which have been tipped to migrate from a niche market into the mainstream during 2015.

“Personally, I expect that as video and mobile formats continue to become more sophisticated, online display advertising will be an unstoppable force,” added Turner.

“The four areas we focused on: the programmatic growth of video, Facebook’s stronger performance and its increasing share of ad spend, the richness of creatives, and how wearables and display will collide, show just how advanced display advertising is becoming.”