Admedo will be hoping its purchase of New York display ad tech firm Dispop will help spread the word of its in-house programmatic advertising solutions out to the US.

Dispop was founded off the back of $600,000 in seed funding from Inimiti Capital Partners back in June 2013. Its offering of a “one-stop shop” for the creation and deployment of display ads went down well with investors at the time and has now changed over to the hands of Admedo, which has finalised a deal for Dispop at an undisclosed price.  

The acquiring company is a born and bred member of London’s emerging tech startup scene, but is now looking to use Dispop’s technology and US presence to ease a stateside expansion.

New focus

Much like the situation at Dispop, many of Admedo’s clients are advertisers and agencies looking for solutions to kick-start their display and retargeting campaigns. Both allow the companies to launch display ads online and provide complete visibility on how their activity performs, although Admedo specialises in the programmatic side of ad distribution.

Nick Moutter, CEO and founder of Admedo, said the partnership with Dispop and the company’s decision to expand into the US are more than justified.   

“Admedo was created to make programmatic advertising accessible to more businesses, and provide a solution that gives advertisers increased transparency into where their ad spend really goes,” he commented. 

“This vision is shared by the team at Dispop, so bringing our businesses together feels like a natural evolution.”

Moutter went on to back Admedo to succeed in the US, where programmatic spend in 2014 was estimated at over $10 billion. Also competing for this goldmine are the likes of Rubicon and Appnexus, as well as online behemoths in Google and Facebook.