Encouraging customers to complete their online orders is no easy task, and travel brands have been told they have it worse than most.

SaleCycle quizzed over 1,000 consumers about their travel-buying habits to find that 81% will typically abandon their shopping carts before checking out. 

Cart abandonment is an issue affecting the e-commerce industry as a whole. Although when comparing results from SaleCycle’s study into the same topic in 2013, it seems travel brands are recording abandonment rates well above the industry average of 73.6%. 

Reasons for abandonment in the travel market are led by a need to conduct further research (39%), compare prices (37%) and checking with fellow travellers (21%). However, companies should be alerted to some of the other problems listed by the group, including technical hitches (9%), a lack of available payment options (7%) and complicated booking processes (13%).  

But all is not lost, as when SaleCycle questioned the same consumers about whether or not they would consider going back to their booking, 87% responded ‘Yes’.

For more insights from the 2014 survey, view the infographic below.