With the Performance Marketing Awards 2015 approaching and entries still open, we’re showcasing some of the most innovative campaigns we saw at last year’s PMAs. 

Net Media Planet won the award for ‘Best Agency Led Performance Marketing Campaign‘ for its campaign with Superdrug. 

Superdrug is one of the UK’s leading high street perfume retailers. During peak retail periods, perfume retailers commonly rely on TV advertising to drive awareness of perfumes ranges, such as the ‘One Direction’ perfume, to existing and new customers.

TV advertising presents a powerful opportunity for brands to increase brand awareness and maximise demand. Integrating TV advertising with paid search enables marketers to harness that power even further, with 50% of consumers more likely to buy something they have seen advertised on TV and online.

However, consumers are moving away from traditional broadcast TV. In fact, 25% of UK viewers and 53% of ‘Generation Y’ watch more TV ‘on-demand’ rather than when it’s broadcast. As a result, traditional integration of TV advertising with paid search through the use of media schedules no longer works effectively.


The traditional integration of TV advertising and paid search no longer works as more people are watching TV ‘on-demand’. Net Media Planet’s objective was to improve Superdrug’s search campaign revenue and drive new customer acquisition by capitalising on the extended reach of TV advertising.


As paid search specialists, Net Media Planet, conceptualised a new technology solution that would integrate TV advertising in real-time with paid search and deliver a high performing search campaign.

The new technology solution monitored live on-site engagement whilst viewers watched TV through the integrated use of Google Analytics Real Time API.


User engagement was monitored in real-time through the Google Analytics Real Time API, and applied changes instantly in Paid Search through Google AdWords. This enabled response to real-time demand driven by TV advertising with paid search.

Integration was used to grow not only revenue but also attract new customers. A layered bidding strategy was used to capitalise on the vast reach of TV advertising.

Incremental spikes of on-site engagement were analysed. When engagement increased by +10%, bid were increased by +15%. This ensured high ad visibility on the search engine results pages.

Furthermore, ad messaging and landing pages were tested to recognise different consumer mind-sets and find the most effective combinations, whilst maintaining brand values throughout.


Since the campaign launch, all set campaign objectives were exceeded. Revenue beat the set target of +20%, helping to increase revenue by more than 35%. The campaign also resulted in a new customer acquisition increase of +27%.

Due to its success, the approach is now being rolled out across Superdrug’s other TV promoted perfume ranges.

Have you been part of a campaign this year that would give Net Media Planet a run for its money? Find out how you can enter here. Standard entries close January 30.