According to the Association of National Advertisers, “programmatic” was the word of the year for 2014.

As the new year begins, it is already clear that programmatic advertising is not losing any momentum in 2015 as businesses look to increase ad revenue and their online ad presence.

Daily Mail is currently promoting its automated ad sales in the US with an offer of $1 in free programmatic advertising for every ad dollar spent on non-programmatic advertising.

A recent study by programmatic specialist Chango found that 70% of brand marketers and key stakeholders believe most digital buying will be done programmatically in the future, and 75% anticipate programmatic to expand beyond display in the near future.

“Marketers are passionately embracing programmatic and very bullish on its future,” said Keith Lorizio, chief revenue officer at Chango. “This commitment is reflected in the significant shift of marketing budgets to support programmatic campaigns over the last 12 months.”

Free advertising

Daily Mail’s promotion, ‘Programmatic Match’, offers companies and agencies the chance to claim credit to buy ads on the site using its automated ad-buying system.

Businesses and media-buying agencies that buy $150,000 or more in ads directly from staff in the states will effectively be eligible for free programmatic advertising.

Programmatic Match, which begins today, will only match what marketers spend on the site up to the amount of $1 million. The promotion is expected to last until the end of March, while the credit note must be used before the offer expires.
All of Daily Mail’s US revenue comes from advertising and during its most recent fiscal year, the publication made around $19 million in revenue from its Stateside division.