Mobile data from Affiliate Window has revealed that iOS is the operating system of choice when it comes to making purchases.

Data lifted from the network suggests that just under half of web traffic is being driven by mobile devices. Readings from Q4 2014 show that 43.49% of web traffic originates from mobile devices, up from 38.27% in the previous quarter and 31.19% in Q4 2013.

The majority of mobile traffic came from smartphones, with the share of site visits from iPhones increasing to 70.56%, leaving Android devices with just 26.41%. Apple’s iPhone also triumphed across the network in its share of mobile sales, accounting for 73.6% compared with 25.93% for Android.

Apple dominates

Apple also trumped Android in the results for tablets. Despite an increase in web traffic for Android tablets, sales lagged at 21.63% while iPad users are converting on a much bigger scale.

Head of business intelligence at Affiliate Window, Matt Swan claimed Apple customers are typically more comfortable with new technology.

“Apple customers don’t require such a big leap of faith in purchasing via mobile devices, a challenge all new technology platforms have to overcome. Additionally, Apple target their products at the premium end of the market so naturally these consumers are likely to have more disposable income than their Android counterpart.”

Mobile Christmas

The final quarter of the year saw strong results across the board from Affiliate Window, due in part to an influx of mobile traffic over Christmas.

The holiday season saw an excess of 50% of traffic originating from a mobile device for the first time and across a period of three days, from the 26 to the 28 of December.

“With an increasing number of consumers owning smartphones and tablets, activity through mobile devices saw an incredible increase throughout 2014” said Swan.

“The way the internet is being accessed is constantly evolving with additional smart devices being launched. With newer smartphones having larger screens the lines are becoming blurred between smartphones and tablets and how consumers are using these devices. We expect to see these numbers continuing to rise in the new year.”