Texas-based affiliate marketing specialist Schaaf-PartnerCentric has announced the launch of a sister company, coreOPM, aimed at providing low-cost affiliate programme management for small firms.

CoreOPM claims to offer the fundamental services needed to launch and grow an affiliate program in-house.

These include management services often not viewed as viable for small businesses, who lack the resources to reach out and sign up their own affiliates.

Brook Schaaf, CEO of Schaaf-PartnerCentric, said: “CoreOPM allows advertisers to leverage the affiliate channel, for a fraction of the cost of traditional management.”

The new company also runs regular compliance checks for affiliate managers looking to ensure the health of their campaigns. Poorly-managed affiliate programmes are often to blame for loss in revenue from the channel, with a lack of campaign monitoring also increasing susceptiveness to ad fraud.

The owner of coreOPM has been providing affiliate program management solutions since 2006. First operating under the banner of Schaff Consulting, the company rebranded to its current title after the acquisition of internet marketing agency PartnerCentric Inc.