As 2014 draws to a close, it’s finally time to celebrate a terrific and in many ways groundbreaking year for content at PerformanceIN. 

Seeing the opportunity to look back on fond memories, we’ll be rolling out a series of top-10 lists for our most-read articles in 2014. Here are the results for our mobile category.  

The Top 5 Trends in Mobile Marketing - The performance of mobile ad campaigns is getting better and better while the breadth of offers grows ever larger. So, what are the concrete trends and who are the main players?

Why you Could be Losing Profits by not Having an App - It’s absolutely true that you need a mobile-ready website, but in most cases it is even more critical that you have a mobile app. Here are four of the biggest reasons why.

INside the Boardroom: MD EMEA at Opera Mediaworks, Mark Slade - Mark Slade has 15 years’ experience in the mobile advertising industry, so who better to listen to on the subject?

NFC: Looking Beyond the Point of Sale - Feeling the need to find out a little bit more about NFC and what it can offer stores beyond the payment terminals, PerformanceIN looked into one of the more interesting shop demos unfolding in London.

Device ID Recognition Touted as Cookie Replacement - Real-world tests have shown that device ID recognition outperforms cookies, the technology it is trying to emulate and potentially dethrone, through a number of different criteria.

PHG Adds iBeacon Tracking Functionality to ExactView - Performance Horizon Group bolstered the functionality of its proprietary platform ExactView with the addition of data tracking for Apple iBeacon devices.

Five Ways that Retailers can Improve Their Omnipresence on Omnichannel - Shopping no longer means trawling the high street to find the perfect item - it is a complex journey that not only takes longer, but across a plethora of channels.

Why Shopping Centres Must Lead the iBeacon Charge - ‘IBeacon’ devices have been subject to forensic examination by numerous vlogs. Yet all the conversation comes without the level of adoption that would see them entering the public eye. PerformanceIN investigated.

Ones to Watch: European Mobile Startups - PerformanceIN identified five mobile-based startups looking to make waves from the continent. 

10 Ways to Improve your Mobile Marketing Campaign - With brand marketer budgets surging 142% between 2011 and 2013, mobile advertising is the fastest-growing part of the advertising industry. Opera Mediaworks gave us 10 pointers to get the most out of mobile campaigns. 

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