US programmatic video platform BrightRoll Inc. is officially under the ownership of Yahoo as of this week.

Yahoo announced back in November that it would be moving ahead with a purchase for the San Francisco-headquartered outfit to enhance its own video advertising platform with programmatic capabilities. 

A fee for the deal remains unknown but would have taken into account BrightRoll’s net revenue forecasts of $100 million this year.  

Terms and conditions

BrightRoll utilises a programmatic ad trading model to allow for the buying and selling of video inventory in real time, across desktop, mobile and TV. 

Although BrightRoll will be entering a period under new ownership, the company’s full line-up of video advertising products are not expected to be absorbed into Yahoo and will operate under the same titles. 

On the personnel side of things, reports suggest all 400 BrightRoll employees will be retained and kept in their existing positions at offices in San Francisco, Chicago, New York, Detroit, Washington, Los Angeles, Palo Alto, Toronto and London. 

Looking to build under the guidance of Yahoo, stats from ComScore indicate that BrightRoll served more video ads in the US than any other company this year. 

Addressing the decline?

Yahoo also knows plenty about running a successful online ad business. Estimates from eMarketer show the firm grabbing a 2.36% share of the $146 billion spent on digital advertising this year. 

BrightRoll’s programmatic video offering arrives at the right time, however, as Yahoo’s total share of the online ad market has dropped from the 2.83% recorded last year.  

In comments after news of the purchase came to light, Yahoo CEO Marissa Meyer described BrightRoll as a “financially compelling fit” for the company’s progress in video, which she described as one of its largest growth opportunities.