As 2014 draws to a close, it’s finally time to celebrate a terrific and in many ways groundbreaking year for content at PerformanceIN.

Seeing the opportunity to look back on fond memories, we’ll be rolling out a series of top-10 lists for our most-read articles in 2014. Here are the results for our search category.   

10 Ways to Improve your Search Marketing Campaign
Jenny Kirby shared her insights on search marketing campaigns, from expanding your keyword lists to using hyper targeting to manage campaign efficiency.

Germany Most Attractive Market for Paid Search Advertisers
Kenshoo revealed the factors that have created a healthy climate for paid search advertising in Germany.

How Travel Publishers Should Approach SEO
Colin Carter reminded publishers to be realistic about SEO, to look beyond Google and remember that content will always be king.

Have Google’s New Quality Rating Guidelines Been Leaked?
Earlier this year, Google updated its Quality Rating Guidelines, which dictate where a website ranks, proving to be good news for small publishers. and Ensure Lion’s Share of Search Visibility
Discover who is top for travel search visibility with Net Media Planet’s report on paid search advertisers within the hotel and holiday sector.   

Panda 4.0: Good News for Smaller Affiliate Sites?
Sylvia Nankivel explains why Google’s Panda is one particular algorithmic change that should have a positive impact on smaller businesses.

SEO Predictions for 2014
Gareth Cartman gave PI his search predictions for the year ahead, envisaging a reduced impact of on-page keyword targeting, easier access to structured data and further shrinking of organic listings.

Four in Ten Consumers Influenced by Social Media when Researching Products
Mintel research revealed 40% of consumers admit they are influenced by social networks when making purchases online, with social advertising spending among retailers on the rise.

Searchmetrics Capitalises on SEO’s Rise in Importance
With SEO spend on the rise,  Searchmetrics saw demand for its products shoot up.

Q&A: LinkResearchTools’ Christoph Cemper talks SEO, Link Building and Networking Tips
The founder and CEO of LinkResearchTools, Christoph Cemper, shared his search industry insights with PI, discussing the biggest shifts in SEO and the basic rules for link building.