After helping online retailers boost their conversions and measure engagement on social media, Opnia is hoping to do the same for businesses in the offline space.

The Minneapolis-based firm has launched an Internet of Things (IoT) platform named Advos, which allows brick-and-mortar stores to distribute relevant and timely messages to the mobile device owners within. 

Opnia’s technology is powered by iBeacons and supported by store-linked mobile apps. Advos uses the former to pinpoint a user’s location, with the app delivering coupons and relevant information straight to their devices. 

Brands such as Macy’s and Apple already have iBeacon devices in their stores and Opnia will be hoping that Advos makes for an ideal invitation to the offline market.

In-store presence 

With Advos initially set for a launch in September, its creator announced that it would be meeting with representatives from the likes of Facebook, Google and Instagram to discuss potential partnerships.

A statement from Opnia makes no reference to social network involvement but does back Advos to deliver the information store owners need to enhance their sales.  

The newly released product is described as an “omni-channel platform” that aims to provide customers with highly personalised in-store experiences. At the other end, the underlying fact that every consumer interaction is recorded means that retailers are able to pluck valuable insights from the data gathered.

“With Advos, retail has become a far richer and interactive experience,” commented Brooke Oldre, who serves as the firm’s co-founder.

“When customers are shopping in cosmetics or electronics, vendors can reach their customers in real time as they’re making purchasing decisions.”

Merging the gap

Opnia is looking to branch out from its online-only roots after becoming known for its mobile app development and paid search divisions. The company planned on building an offering around cloud-based analytics, social media advertising and mobile apps, which encompasses some of the qualities packed into Advos. 

Opnia’s current client base includes the likes of 3M, Honeywell and Best Buy, although it is unknown which companies will be taking Advos into their stores.