In celebration of their expansion and success in the US market in 2014, Yieldify hosted a New York-themed Christmas Party at Shoreditch Studios on Wednesday 10th December.

Joining their 95-strong team were over 300 guests from major brands and partners including Debenhams, LivingSocial, Marks & Spencer, Ted Baker, Tesco and Urban Outfitters.

Staged at the super-hip Shoreditch Studios, the party marked the eCommerce company’s second holiday season trading.

In his speech to attendees, CEO Jay Radia said “It’s crazy to think that just 18 months ago this company was only me and my brother Meelan around a table. We’ve come such a long way since then. Tonight is about friendship and all the new friends we have made this year.”

Founded by Jay and Meelan Radia in 2013, Yieldify has rapidly grown from two to 95 team members in 18 short months in order to meet market demand.

The recently launched New York office – together with Berlin, Sydney and their London HQ in Monument – makes four hubs that have opened in the last twelve months.

Yieldify have also brought on board Jacob Ajwani – formerly of Adobe, Cognitive Match and Monetate – to be their VP of Strategy for the US. “Yieldify uses a completely unique lens to address converting visitors into customers and that is just refreshing” said Jacob. “Their organisation is doubling in size every six months; I’m thrilled to lead that expansion in the US.”