A list showcasing the top countries for mobile transactions has been revealed by ad personalisation firm Criteo. 

Released today, the group’s ‘State of Mobile Commerce Report’ names Japan as the biggest country in terms of mobile transactions, with 49% of all online sales being completed on mobile device. South Korea places second thanks to 45% of purchases coming via smartphone or tablet, followed by the UK on 30%.

Unfortunately the success of these markets appears to be fuelling most of mobile retail’s growth, as not one country outside of Criteo’s top three managed to exceed the global average of 30%. Spain came closest on 28%, while even the US could only manage to reach a total of 27%. 

Notes from the report explain that Japan and South Korea are ahead of many Western markets in this area because their transactional mobile websites have been around for a longer period of time. 

Alongside the UK and Spain, fellow European nations in Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and France are showing relatively high mobile purchase ratios. Russia is still considered an ‘emerging market’ in this area of commerce but is expected to build on its proportion of 20%.

As for a user’s inclination to purchase on mobile, the EU spoils are handed to Germany with a Criteo conversion score of 136 – above the company’s benchmark of 100.

Japan and South Korea lead the way once again on 202 and 161 respectively, with the UK (123), the Netherlands (107) and the US (100) taking spots in the middle of the mobile conversion table. 

Looking ahead to next year, Criteo envisions more growth for Asia as the “unstoppable” market passes 50% of online transactions through mobile devices. The US may not be too far behind in the future, though, as Criteo believes this too is a market which is well prepared for a 50% plus contribution from mobile.

Mobile website builders are expected to cater for this demand by making their payment processes all the more seamless, while monitoring cross-device behaviour will represent both a challenge and opportunity for marketers. 

Findings and predictions from the ‘State of Mobile Commerce’ Report are based on transactional data provided by over 3,000 online advertisers around the world.