Israeli based Inneractive, an independent automated mobile marketplace for native and video ads has announced a substantial success in 2014, increasing annual revenue by 54%.

This increase is in part thanks to a solid performance from its in-app real-time bidding (RTB) service. The company has also reported  an average annual growth of 77% since 2010.

In-app mobile ads are performing far better than mobile web ads and this is likely to be reflected in spend, according to a report from BI Intelligence.

‘Spending on Native Advertising is Soaring’ also revealed that mobile ad spent in the US alone could reach $42 billion by 2018.

Based on these trends, Inneractive plans to target the needs of mobile publishers’ with technologies for selling and buying in-app mobile ads, maximising the potential of their properties.

Rapid growth

The company has also strengthened its executive team this year, with the addition of Yoni Argaman as vice president of marketing and business strategy, Yuval Machlin as vice president of product, Dani Sztern as COO and David Mail as vice president of research and development.

Furthermore, Inneractive has seen the an influx of demand-side partners including Drawbridge, AppNexus, and and supply-side partners such as Pinsight. AirG and ABC.

“Programmatic, video and native advertising are the hottest growth engines in mobile advertising at the moment”, comments president and co-founder of Inneractive, Offer Yehudai.

“Our rapid growth signals the wide adoption of our in-app programmatic advertising platform for premium publishers looking specifically to optimise their in-app RTB, video and native ad campaigns”