Programmatic agency Infectious Media has developed technology which will allow brands to maximise the impact of TV investments by reaching audiences across dual screens.

According to IAB research, a quarter of smartphone owners look up information on a mobile device after viewing a TV ad and two-thirds of online Britons frequently use the internet while watching television.

Infectious Media’s new programmatic platform will enable online ads to coordinate with TV spots, taking advantage of the dual screening habits of consumers.

By searching a commercial database of TV slots for over 2,000 channels, across 60 countries, the platform’s technology recognises the optimum time to distribute ads, with display adverts running “within milliseconds” of TV their counterparts.

Enhancing ad spends

Andy Cocker, COO & co-founder of Infectious Media, remarked on the merits of dual screening during the festive season.

“In the lead up to Christmas our TV synchronisation capabilities offer a great way for brands to make more of their ad spends.

“Dual screening is especially prevalent during the festive period so using TV synchronised campaigns to influence audience purchase behaviour provides brands with a vital competitive edge.”

Infectious Media argues that these TV-synchronised programmatic campaigns have the potential to increase conversion rates and maximise brand exposure.

A pilot of the campaign revealed a 15% increase in performance for some campaigns compared to programmatic campaigns that weren’t TV-synced.