Vdopia, the mobile-first programmatic ad buying platform, has launched a new video ad marketplace it claims is one of a kind. 

The group says its new ‘Chocolate’ buying and selling arena is a “world’s first” due to the ability to trade video ad inventory across both mobile web and applications. Now available in Europe, Vdopia says brands can hone in on exactly the type of consumer they want to reach, right down to their operating system and device model. 

A statement said this removes the ‘blind’ aspect of ad buying associated with other “partly-mobile” marketplaces. 

EU launch

Chocolate features Vdopia’s proprietary VDO technology for the placement of ads in a variety of formats. While there is the option to venture down the conventional route of snapping up banner ads in a mobile web browser, Chocolate also offers native and in-stream items for marketers wanting to test out some of the newer members of the ad elite. 

The marketplace has also made it easier for users to see their content through by allowing ads to run without Flash or external plug-in support. Vdopia sees Chocolate as an attempt to move with recent trends in the way ads are bought and sold online.  

“The IAB shows mobile video is the fastest growing digital ad format, nearly tripling in size in a year,” says Farzad Jamal, Vdopia’s European vice president. 

“Chocolate capitalises on three key video ad trends – the shift of TV pounds to online, the rise of programmatic and the emergence of mobile native advertising. It unifies a fragmented mobile video market space and addresses key issues, such as the lack of quality mobile video inventory, standards and brand safety.”

Ad space on Vdopia’s new marketplace is made up of 62% from the mobile web and 38% from mobile apps. Android device targeters also benefit from skewed ratio, with 64% of placements made available for Google’s mobile OS compared to 36% on Apple’s iOS.