Airlines are being advised to fine-tune their on-site conversion strategies as they head into what could be a hugely profitable holiday period. 

A new infographic from programmatic display firm Yieldr shows holidaymakers that convert between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day typically do so with a basket value 7% higher than in the week before December 25.

The results are compiled using conversion pixels placed on the sites of advertisers. These provide an indication of conversion times, the value of each purchase as well as the planned route of each trip.  

They show that airlines pull in an average of €298.40 per customer order in the week leading up to Christmas, with this rising to €318.40 between Christmas and New Year’s Eve and up to €329.60 in the first five days of January. 

Still, the window of opportunity may not be all that wide if results from last year are anything to go by. First-party data pulled from a band of airline advertisers during December 2013 suggests that 18% of all flight bookings made during the month are recorded between Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve, leaving only a very small period in which to get things right.  

You can delve into more airline insights and onto Yieldr’s analysis of retail with the infographic below.