Targeting options on Adobe Marketing have been turned up a notch courtesy of added iBeacon support. 

A raft of new features have made their way onto Adobe’s umbrella solution for brands looking to delve into marketing areas such as media optimisation, web experience management, user targeting and campaign measurement. 

The new cast includes an option to distribute relevant messages via apps linked to iBeacon devices, which form part of the army of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technologies creating a stir around the world of offline retail. 

Intelligent location marketing 

A statement released by Adobe announces a new feature for Marketing Cloud which will enable marketers to cover all aspects of in-app message delivery, from creation to deployment and eventually to measurement. 

Suggestions for how marketers can leverage this technology for their own benefit include the delivery of multimedia such as video and even the cross promotion of external apps. Still, Adobe’s support for iBeacons, extended to message delivery and measurement of these notifications, could be viewed as news in its own right as way of proving that tech giants are taking note of their importance. 

Suresh Vittal, vice president for digital marketing at Adobe, is excited about what the new tools could entail.

“With Intelligent Location Marketing we are delivering new, innovative ways for marketers to engage customers and prospects across mobile screens.” 

The iBeacon support is a nod to Adobe’s concerted effort in enabling consistent user experiences across devices via Marketing Cloud’s six main tools: experience manager, campaign, analytics, target, social and media optimizer.

Remote management

Alongside iBeacon support, other additions to Marketing Cloud this week include a new Digital Content Editor (DCE) for Adobe Campaign. The feature provides a crucial layer of comfort for email marketers looking to preview how their content appears across devices.

Other new tools appear to be very much skewed towards supporting the operations of marketers on the move. Marketing Cloud’s media optimizer is now boasting an industry first in Mobile Bid Adjustments (MBAs), allowing tablet and smartphone ad bids to be tweaked in milliseconds, while the Adobe Social App facilitates the management of social content in real time.  

Marketing Cloud is looking to build off a strong Q3 performance, a period in which its own earnings reached $290 million courtesy of a continued lift in bookings.