Customer engagement engine Kahuna has launched Kahuna RevIQ, a mobile marketing tool that helps brands maximise sales and combat online shopping cart abandonment.

Kahuna estimates that 70% of online shopping carts are abandoned, representing approximately $4 trillion worth of merchandise. However, the company believes 63% of that is potentially recoverable, providing brands engage with their customers effectively.

Understanding the time and content that each user is most likely to interact with, Kahuna RevIQ allows to brands re-engage with potential customers in the hope of edging them ever-closer to the check out.

Rise of Omnichannel

Using infinite time delays to create the highest conversion rates, RevIQ enables marketers to automatically update and optimise trigger-based campaigns.

Providing brands the highest level of conversion and engagement from messages, the algorithm uses sophisticated artificial intelligence, analytics and A/B testing technology to automate the process and select the best time to send the best type of notification.

Kahuna founder and CEO, Adam Marchick, claims that with the rise of omnichannel, the job of a marketer is getting harder.

“Mobile commerce is here in a major way, but as a marketer I need to understand the person, not the device,” said Marchick. “When people have two or three devices they interact with daily, being able to send the right message at the right time can mean the difference between a brand’s success or failure.”

Marchick added that RevIQ will seek to protect those brands from over messaging people, ensuring “every message counts”.