Our ‘Profile: A Day in the Life of’ feature takes a look at some of the global professionals working across performance marketing. It aims to shed light on the varying roles and companies across the flourishing industry. This week we head to San Francisco (via Israel) to speak to the chief executive at Bidalgo, Peli Beeri. 


Peli Beeri

Job title and company:

CEO at Bidalgo.

In one sentence, how would you describe what the company does?

Bidalgo, a Facebook PMD since 2011, helps leading game and mobile app developers scale their UA and achieve unbeatable ROI results.

What are the company’s unique selling points? 

  •  Gaming vertical expertise.
  •  Technology built especially for the gaming vertical.
  •  Constant A/B testing of online creative.

Within the last six months/year, what stands out as the company’s major milestones? 

In the last six months, Bidalgo has successfully penetrated to the SaaS and mobile market.

Duration in current role: 

4.5 years

Where are you based?

Our R&D headquarters are located in Israel, while I’m located in San Francisco, establishing our US Office.

Previous performance marketing-related companies you have worked at:

888holdings and Random-Logic Ltd.

What are your main job responsibilities?

In the last couple of months, I’m establishing Bidalgo’s office in North America and involved a lot in foundation work like setting up the office, recruiting and building the local team, etc.

As the company CEO I’m Creating, communicating and implementing our vision, mission and overall direction.  I set up the company goals and evaluate the success of the organization and executive managers. When it comes to the day-to-day operation, I keep myself involved in 3 key aspects:

  • Our clients – I meet clients F2F and make sure they are happy with our results, service and product. I hear their feedback to learn where we need to improve.
  • Our team – I’m making sure we are searching and aiming to bring the best people on board and keeping our key employees happy. I’m personally involved in the development plan of our key employees.
  • Our technology & performance – This is our X factor and I’m there to make sure we keep innovate to deliver the next best solutions to our users and clients.

Take us through what you get up to on a typical working Monday: 

Mondays are generally about catching up with the team abroad. The team in IL is starting his week a day before (working week in IL: Sunday-Thursday), so I’m starting the day talking with my management team, making sure all are up to date and aligned with the week focus and goals.

What top three websites can you be found browsing during your lunch hour?

Facebook, LinkedIn and BBC for news.

What are your top three tips for someone looking to get their hands on a job like yours?

  1. “Focus, Focus, Focus” – Invest in generating priority and make sure the team is working on the right things and cleaning out unnecessary noises.
  2. Connections – Be well connected in our industry with colleagues, clients, competitors, etc., as things are evolving and changing all the time and you need to recognize the changes and act accordingly.
  3. Invest in building a strong team around you, a one that can understand your vision and amplify it.

What is different in the American market than the rest of the world/other markets?

Biggest potential market but at the same time the most competitive market.

Why did you decide to move to the US?

The focus in the first 4 years of Bidalgo was building smart product & technology. In 2015 we are going to shift the focus to distribution of our product and services; therefore I have decided to be closer to our biggest market and clients. In addition, I wanted to be closer to FB HQ and other leading online marketing companies to explore new business opportunities that you can find only around here.

What are your insights from the American market so far?

The market expects to get the best product and service and I think these are great news for Bidalgo that comes with a mature product and operation around it. Having said that, we will have to do a lot better marketing around here.

Career-wise, where do you see yourself in three years’ time? 

A head of the leading mobile marketing company.

What other career would you choose for yourself? 


Tell us one thing people at work don’t know about you? 

When I was a student I worked as a bartender in one of the busiest and trendiest places in Tel Aviv.