Performance ad tech firm Criteo has announced quarter-on-quarter rises in revenue, net income and cash flow as part of its Q3 financials. 

Analysts may have predicted the widespread increases after seeing the company record an overall taking of €165.3 million for Q2, up 66% on the same period last year.

In Q3 2014 that total stood tall at €194.4 million, a rise of 70.9% compared to the €113.8 million generated in 2013.

Successive rises in earnings year on year have told the tale of Criteo’s reports by quarter. But co-founder and CEO Jean-Baptiste Rudelle has been keen to play down the trend, claiming business in Q3 still exceeded expectations.   

Global reach

Now a recognised member of the performance ad space with over 1,000 employees spread across 21 offices around the globe, the firm focuses primarily on measuring the return on digital ads through post-click sales. 

Over 6,500 advertisers now use Criteo’s array of measurement tools to inform the serving of personalised ads across devices. The welcoming of several new clients has enabled the company to increase net income up to €11.5 million for Q3, up from €3.0 million during the same period last year, as well post a 71.4% year-on-year rise in adjusted EBITDA (€19.8 million, up from €11.6 million in 2013).

Cash flow has also risen during this same year-long period. Money generated from operating activities reached €25.5 million in Q3 2014, up from a mere €3.7 million in Q3 2013, thanks in part to improvements made to Criteo’s ‘Engine’ product for maximising conversions. 

Growth by region

A strong demand for Criteo solutions across the US was also evident in the findings as revenue from the Americas – excluding the cost of acquiring new custom – grew 94.2% in Q3 compared to last year. 

Business in the Asia-Pacific region expanded at the slightly slower rate of 65.5% year on year, but still above the EMEA on 52.5%.

EMEA still accounts for a bigger proportion of the company’s overall revenue, however, when comparing Q3 contributions of €38.7 million and €15.8 million.