There is a continuing optimism in the benefits of real-time advertising amongst marketers, according to a new study by programmatic specialist Chango.

Undertaken in conjunction with Brand Innovators, the investigation is part of “The Programmatic Pulse,” a new digital digest by both companies.

The survey of 232 brand marketers and interviews with key stakeholders from Fortune 500 companies found an overall confidence in programmatic’s trajectory, with 70% believing most digital buying will be done programmatically in the future and 75% anticipating programmatic to expand beyond display in the near future. When asked what word described their feelings about the future of real-time advertising, top responses included “Optimistic,” “Exciting,” and “Promising.”

“Marketers are passionately embracing programmatic and very bullish on its future,” said Keith Lorizio, chief revenue officer, Chango. “This commitment is reflected in the significant shift of marketing budgets to support programmatic campaigns over the last 12 months.”

The results of the study showed that a large majority agree that the ability to target consumers across devices and improved performance are vital drivers of programmatic today. As a result, programmatic budgets are likely to increase, driven by cross-device targeting and improved performance.