US-based web marketing platform AvantLink has announced the launch of an affiliate network dedicated to the Australian market this week.


AvantLink Australia will offer innovative cost per sale affiliate marketing opportunities for qualified web retailers and publishers.


“It was an exciting milestone in 2012 expanding to a new market with the launch of AvantLink Canada, and now we are bringing the same excitement, technology, support and innovation to Australia,” says Scott Kalbach, CEO of AvantLink. “We have some great Australian partners, and we’re excited to bring our publishers profitable opportunities.”


AvantLink’s industry leading tools will be available to all members to help optimise sales, starting this holiday season. The Australian network will qualify publishers and merchants, partnering with top ecommerce stores and for those publishers active in multiple networks, accounts can be linked together to facilitate one login management of all programs.

Several of Australia’s top publishers are active for launch, including AU.SHOP.COM and Australia.

AvantLink joins Rakuten LinkShare, DGM and OMG who are all looking to capitalise on the growth potential in the country.