UK database marketing company REaD Group has announced the creation of a new advanced strategic offering, REaD Group Insight, a dedicated analytics and consultancy arm which will supply clients with intuitive data analysis and insight to provide transformative business results.

The move enables REaD Group to provide a cohesive and streamlined approach to cross channel marketing and build on its existing analytics offering, combining with its vast data assets and solutions business. REaD Group Insight will be spearheaded by database marketing stalwart Scott Logie, formerly of Occam, Bank of Scotland, St Ives and CACI.

Insight is about so much more than analysis, according to chief executive Jon Cano-Lopez: “It is what we extract out of the analytics that delivers real business information and perception, it is that intelligence that we build on to help our clients make the right decisions”.

The launch will help REaD Group clients to optimise their customer communications, utilising the most comprehensive data source in the UK. REaD Group recently agreed a sole distribution deal with Acxiom for its UK data assets, which are now available alongside their own Active suite.