M&S is here to fill your festive season with a whole lot of magic and sparkle to make this year’s celebrations truly special. Impressive meals and spectacular party spreads have been carefully selected for effortless preparation and exceptional flavour.

The best part is that it’s all served up to create breathtaking memories with the minimal amount of stress. A season worth of stunning food means a houseful of happy guests is the icing on the cake!

Name: Marks and Spencer Christmas Food to Order

Affiliate Manager: Jeannine-Véronique Martel

Contact: Jeannine-Veronique.Martel@marks-and-spencer.com

What are some developments that M&S have seen this year that put them ahead of their competitors?

Effortless preparation and exceptional flavours.  Plus an easy food to order service showing casing the delicious food ranges from starters, mains and desserts!

What does this mean for your affiliates?

It is the first time we are paying commission on food via the affiliate channel therefore it’s a really big thing for M&S.  It is a great time to show how affiliates really can add value to promoting M&S food.

What resources or commission do you offer? 

We strive to be innovative therefore we are offering the best commission rate in the market!

  • £2 if the basket value is under £70.
  • £4  if the basket value is over £70.
  • £7  if the basket value is over £100.
  • £9  if the basket value is over £150. 

Plus M&S has a dedicated affiliate manager on hand to offer support.

Are there any exciting developments coming up for?

Watch this space for next year.