Programmatic advertising company Tremor Video has released an infographic detailing how you can map out a real-time video advertising campaign tailored to the needs of your business.

Filtering through categories relating to your budget, timescale and whether you wish to compete against other companies in auction, the flow chart will determine which programmatic video options will best suit your needs:

Automated guarantee:

A direct deal between an advertiser and publisher with pre-arranged prices and reserved inventory that takes advantage of automation for things like RFP responses, I/Os and campaign trafficking.

Unreserved fixed-pricing:

Inventory is not reserved. It operates within the exchange environment, but the inventory that is available has pre-negotiated fixed pricing.

Invitation-only auction:

Unreserved inventory may be made available to a select group of invited bidders, so prices are not pre-set (although there may be a floor price). Typically a second-price (or Vickrey) auction, where the winner pays $.01 more than the second-highest bid.

Open auction:

The least restrictive programmatic sale, this is a second-price auction open to any DSP plugged into a specific SSP- the IAB calls it the “Wild West” of auctions. Buyers may not even know what publishers they are buying from.