The performance marketing landscape has evolved significantly over the past few years. Where once advertisers concern was solely volume, a number of additional factors are considered when assessing the value of the channel.

In our session we consider the additional data advertisers are using to evaluate their programmes. We take a look at the evolution of an affiliate marketing programme, to help understand the challenges faced as well as how these are overcome.

In showcasing Affiliate Window campaign data you will hear how different brands are utilising this to enhance the performance of their programmes. We will be discussing the concepts we are working on with our advertisers as well as showcasing some examples of how this is already being put in place by our advertisers.

Come to the session to hear about how we are focussing on the rise of internationalisation. Find out the sectors that have an increasing demand from overseas and the reasons behind this as well as the devices that are driving these trends.

Additionally come and see how one of our travel advertisers is benefitting from looking at additional data to understand how to convert the most profitable customers.

It probably would not be a data session if we did not touch upon the age old debate of attribution. We will be investigating click path data from inside the affiliate channel while also uncovering what this looks like from a multi-channel perspective. Our influencer reporting will be delved into to highlight how advertisers are using this to reward publishers for the value they provide in earlier stages of customer journeys.

Attribution modelling has always previously fallen down in the modern world where consumers are becoming increasingly mobile and switching from device to device. Without understanding the cross device journey we can never really complete the attribution picture. For the first time ever we will be showcasing some cross device data to take attribution to the next level.

This is certainly a session you will not want to miss.