Four new offerings help marketers create highly personalised digital customer experiences LONDON – October, 2014 – Teradata (NYSE: TDC), the big data analytics and marketing applications company, today announced the availability of four new product enhancements within the Teradata Integrated Marketing Cloud. The new offerings will help businesses improve the overall brand experience for their customers through both digital and traditional marketing methods. Teradata’s new capabilities include enhancements in multiple areas critical for marketers, such as: – Digital asset management and asset performance tracking. – Real-Time Interaction Management for both known and anonymous sources. – The ability to: – Leverage data in real-time throughout the customer lifecycle. – Improve customer experiences across multiple channels and devices. – Create more personalised messages and content. Data-driven marketers are hungry for such customer-centric solutions, because they’re proving to drive higher revenue and profits. According to Stephen Powers, an industry analyst with Forrester Research, “Stellar digital experiences, supported by a growing set of technologies and capabilities, have the power to help businesses and brands better engage with customers, deliver more effective digital content and services, drive new revenue and higher profits, and stand out in crowded markets.” (Source: “Refocus the Digital Experience Technology Investment Discussion,” Forrester Research, Inc., July 21, 2014) New Capabilities Highlights Teradata Marketing Operations Teradata Marketing Operations now supports marketers’ needs to manage digital assets across their entire lifecycle, from creation, to collaborative review and approval processes, and fulfillment and usage tracking. Such tight integration ensures there is one central location for managing all approved assets holistically and improving content freshness and usage. With the combined power of Teradata’s Marketing Asset Manager, a component of Marketing Operations, and ADAM Software, a global provider of media workflow and marketing technology, any marketing team can track an asset’s request for use, topic search, download frequency and update history, to quickly separate high-performing content from the clutter. Teradata Campaign Management: In order for marketers to better understand, approach, and increase the loyalty of their “always–on” customers, the latest integrated versions of Campaign Management have what’s called “anonymous to known decisioning.” By blending historical data, i.e. customer preference and response information, with real-time insights about live interactions on mobile and web channels, marketers can instantly generate relevant, personalised content and messaging, and make it immediately available to the customer — from lead acquisition through the full customer life cycle. Teradata Digital Messaging Timely content creation is critical to drive effective marketing. But many marketers struggle with how to do this quickly, efficiently and effectively. The newest version of Teradata’s digital marketing platform provides content management integration with Campaign Management. By combining campaign management capabilities with digital delivery, marketers can make use of pre-defined templates to ensure message consistency and brand impact while continually refreshing the content for each message. “For most companies today, the customer experience is fractured and inconsistent, especially as it relates to digital channels,” said Volker Wiewer, Vice President International, Marketing Applications, Teradata. “With these latest advancements to our Integrated Marketing Cloud, Teradata customers can achieve the holistic view, control and consistency that data-driven marketing promises. We’ll help them get more from their customer data and integrated marketing applications so they can do more to personalise interactions, better inform their marketing and business planning, and drive more revenue.” About Teradata Teradata (NYSE: TDC) helps companies get more value from data than any other company. Teradata’s leading portfolio of big data analytic solutions, integrated marketing applications, and services can help organisations gain a sustainable competitive advantage with data. Visit