As one of the world’s largest marketplaces with over 800 million listings from a diverse community of global sellers, eBay offers one of the most extensive and diverse product catalogues in the world. eBay Partner Network (ePN) works closely with affiliate partners to enable them to tap into this vast range with the products and promotions that best fit their audience.

Name: eBay Partner Network

Contact: Gianfranco Ludovici


Give us an overview of ePN and the affiliate programme?

ePN has an established global programme with over 108 million active users on eBay. These users offer publishers access to visitors across the globe, providing the opportunity to drive traffic to 13 different global eBay websites in a variety of languages and locales. With a vast product selection, regular deals, seasonal and category-specific promotions, and eBay’s new intuitive Collections interface, the site offers visitors the right incentives to purchase literally billions of products each year.

What resources/commission does ePN offer its affiliates?

ePN offers some of the most generous affiliate earnings on the web and ePN returns are based on the amount of sales affiliates drive to eBay. Our pricing model is based on a set of category-level commission rates, which vary dependent on which programme in our global scheme you elect to join. For the UK programme, the commission rate is a fixed rate of 75% across all categories. In addition, we provide a 100% bonus for new and reactivated buyers. These buyers are defined as visitors who have not purchased from eBay over the past 12 months. 

What does the ePN program offer its affiliates?

ePN is always looking for new ways to help its publishers boost their earnings and conversion rates. An extensive range of tools are provided to help affiliates achieve success, including custom banners, link generators, access to ePN’s API (Application Programming Interface). ePN also provides a Transactional Download Report, allowing partners to view data in a number of different ways. Reports can be viewed across various timeframes by campaign, tool or program, and even by traffic type (mobile vs. classic). Summary Reports include valuable data to help you track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

ePN’s communication channels such as its dedicated blog, LinkedIn and Twitter communities, allow partners to access the latest news, hot categories forecasts, industry tips and best practice methods. Applying to join ePN is easy, and the team works closely with partners to set them up for success .

What can your existing affiliates tell us about working with ePN?

Why not find out directly what ePN’s affiliates think about working with the team? ePN recently caught up with Mike Sheard, founder of highly successful site FatFingers. He is particularly excited about integrating with the upcoming eBay mobile App, and you can watch the interview to find out more about why Mike loves working with ePN!

How do I join?

You can apply to join the eBay Partner network here. If you have any questions, the team is happy to help!