Publisher Innovation debuts at the Performance Marketing Insights: London conference and exhibition next week, shining a light on some of the most forward-thinking names to spring into the affiliate marketing space over the last year.

Four companies have been invited to appear, all operating in the same sector while sharing more than a few common traits, but perhaps their most significant crossover is their drive to create a unique approach to social e-commerce.




  • Founders: Joel Freeman and Daniel Murray
  • Funding: £580k
  • Founded: 2013

Grabble is a fashion mobile publishing content platform which offers its consumers the function to ‘grab’ their favourite items from anywhere on the web, save and purchase in one place, or receive an alert when they go on sale at a later date.

The model extends to Grabble’s subscribed retailers and brands that can also make use of the ‘grab’ function, allowing them to quickly build their catalogue and engage a purchase-focused audience beyond their own channels.

Having been in business for just over a year, Grabble already boasts a user base of 25,000 and affiliation with household names, including ASOS, American Apparel, Net-a-Porter and River Island, and has plans to go global in Hong Kong at the end of 2015.





  • Founders: Ben van Rooyen and Greg Page
  • Funding: £135k
  • Founded: 2013

Haveyouseen is the first community-driven, social shopping platform to reward sharing on a multi-level basis across the social graph.

Utilising the power of personal recommendation, haveyouseen’s users can earn money when anyone buys a product or service shared by them. This is achieved with the creation of shoppable wishlists which can be shared among the user’s own network of friends or haveyouseen community. It is a win-win giving users the chance to earn, while retailers get the benefits of new traffic to their site.

Founded at the end of last year by entrepreneur and investment banking veteran Ben van Rooyen, alongside ex Vodafone UK marketer Greg Page, the company raised £135,000 before its launch at the start of Q4.





  • Founders: Michel Leduc and Christopher Johnston
  • Funding: £1M
  • Founded: 2013

Powered by digital security specialists SIM&PIN, Liberty Vaults is a patent pending identity management platform built to simplify and secure transactions and interactions on digital platforms.

The software aims to protect personal content such as documents, photos and videos or third-party commercial services, ranging from mail, calendar and messaging to medical records, banking and online shopping.

The product is due to pilot in the UK and with SFR in France in November.





  • Founders: Tom Hurley & John Garner
  • Funding: N/A
  • Founded: 2014

Opening a beta service in December, Social Superstore promises to empower anyone to be an entrepreneur in a risk-free and cost-free environment.

Placing equal attention to both sets of clients, the company works closely with its retailers, connecting them with relevant consumer groups, while also incentivising the social promotion of users’ own stores with rewards for purchases of products and services.

Social Superstore is building a powerful international launch strategy in Q1 next year, encompassing bloggers, charities, online networks, television and digital to name just a few.  

Publisher Innovation PMI Power Pitches

Join all four publishers at Performance Marketing Insights next week for an hour of Power Pitches at Publisher Innovation:

13:40–Social Superstore
13:50–Liberty Vaults

Expect to hear how they they are turning consumers into brand ambassadors and revolutionising social e-commerce- as well as how they could be maximising your traffic- generating higher revenue for themselves and their partners.