Omni-channel data provider Ensighten has announced the purchase of a similar player in its field – marketing analytics firm Anametrix – for an undisclosed fee.

Both companies specialise in compiling and managing online user data for later revision and actions by advertisers.

Anametrix focuses on providing insights across paid, owned and earned media, allowing brands to make far more informed decisions on their marketing activity. Ensighten uses a unique tag management system to allow these same individuals to collect and act on their consumer data in real time, across a range of marketing channels, helping them optimise their user experiences.

Overall, the deal is expected to add a much richer set of data analytics to Ensighten’s tag management products such as the Agile Marketing Platform.

One-to-one personalisation

Analysts responding to the news have picked up on a “common vision” between the two firms in the sense that both deliver flexible and open platforms. As a result, marketers can use their technology to focus on the data and metrics most suited to their goals.

Being able to gain and act upon customer data is considered the key to delivering relevant, personalised experiences, and Ensighten founder and CEO Josh Manion sees Anametrix as a good addition for pushing this idea forward.

“In a competitive environment, smart and timely actions make all the difference, and we’re proud to be leading the industry towards delivering more relevant and personalised consumer experiences across the entire customer journey,” commented Manion.

Ensighten is currently based in San Jose, California, but has offices in New York, London and a newly opened space in Sydney.

Anametrix is also headquartered in California, in the San Diego area, and it is believed that this operation will keep running for the foreseeable future.