This year, for the first time, Performance Marketing Insights presents a duo of keynote speakers to underscore its London conference at the end of this month.

Day One’s session steps out of the comfort zone, focussing on the theme of risk and its acceptable limits within your organisation. Of course, there’s a big difference between a calculated risk and a reckless gamble.

Having steered the global online marketing efforts of one of the world’s most pioneering conglomerates, Day Two’s speaker focuses on how technology has transformed brand loyalty. You’ll leave this session with a freshened view on your customer base.

Full House

Ex-professional poker player Caspar Berry is no stranger to risk, it’s a concept he identifies as the most important and least understood factor in turning potentially innovative managers into dynamic leaders.

Ending his three year campaign in Vegas a decade ago, Berry returned to the UK, investing his gains into a company that he would later sell to a PLC. But the game didn’t help only in the monetary sense: The world of poker and business have some surprising but distinct similarities.

Calculating risk in business brings together risk analysis, decision making science, psychology and behavioural economics, and using poker as the recurring metaphor but focussed on business, Caspar will delve into drive, decision and change in his session on Day One.

High Flying

Businesses are becoming ever more reliant on customer relationships, but how can this be done when consumers are wired to only use a company for the purpose of the product they are purchasing and nothing else?

Now working as a company incubator, angel investor and branding expert, Alex Hunter became head of online for the Virgin Group after rescuing the grounded airline Virgin America from a crucial congress ruling with public pressure drummed up through social media and independent websites.

Hunter will be calling on his experience of branding initiatives to educate you on how technology has transformed brand loyalty. Alex wants you to leave his session with insight on how to change your organisation’s treatment of its customer base.

The session will also include tips on how to retain and acquire customers that can be turned from casual browsers into lifelong brand advocates.

Performance Marketing Insights: London will be taking place on October 28-29 at the Westminster Park Plaza Hotel. The full conference agenda has already been announced and tickets are still available.