With the ability to track and award affiliates where others are unable, learn why the Bubbles Affiliate Programme could be a wise choice for your company.

Name: Bubbles Affiliate Programme

Affiliate Manager: Julian Fisher

Contact: julian@lookupbubbles.com

What is the Bubbles Affiliate Programme?

This is the affiliate reward and payment programme from the award winning marketplace and shopping network of Lookupbubbles. Our service monetises content, whether a specific product, a description within a phrase or image. We then reward our affiliates again and again and again.

What is different about this Programme compared to others?

Our programme improves the affiliate and advertiser relationship. We do this in two ways; through our engagement with the affiliate’s website where we enhance the visitor’s enjoyment, as opposed to irritating them with ‘pushy promotions’ and secondly through a powerful feature allowing visitors to start shopping – even to buy – without having to leave the affiliate’s website. .  And, since our affiliate programme is not cookie dependent we are able to trace sales even when shoppers use multiple devices. Consequently we track and reward affiliates where other programmes are unable.

Why is this different?

Traditional affiliate schemes require visitors to make their purchases from an advertiser’s website, using the same devise they initiated the link and commonly within a very short period of time. With most people using two or more devices, not least shopping around for the best deals, the savvy shopper just isn’t going to be tied to the same advertiser let alone the same device. It has to be easy to shop with choice, value and rewards. The Bubbles Affiliate Programme delivers on all of these demands.   

What do you pay affiliates?

We pay 75% commission on all direct sales and a further 20% on sales conducted anywhere within our network for up to 90 days. Essentially we pay commissions when visitors go on to make purchases that are unconnected to the affiliate.  In other words, our programme rewards affiliates for their visitor’s business beyond the traditional ‘first contact’. 

Competition time – free prizes and a double earner

Throughout November and December we are providing £’000s of prizes for our affiliate websites. ‘With Bubbles, you co-promote the free-to-enter competition (retaining ownership of all entrants)…. we supply and deliver the prizes’. And should any entrant go on to make a non-direct purchase we’ll pay 40% – twice our standard commission!   

What other exciting developments are coming up?

In December we are launching a new design for our marketplace Lookupbubbles.com and introducing a revolutionary rewards programme with ‘smart points’.  When introduced into the Bubbles Affiliate Programme it will further incentivise purchases leading to increased commissions for all of our affiliates.

How do I join?

Please visit us here where we have several explainer videos.