Influencers At Work has launched into the social marketing channel to aid brands which are on the lookout for influential content publishers.

This influencer exchange automates the normally time-consuming process of identifying, approaching and hiring a number of influential content creators to deliver editorial that will compel consumers to convert.

Content creators specialise in distributing media through their preferred channels, possibly including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Tumblr. YouTube, for example, can feature product reviews, tutorials and shop logs.

Content and search

Thanks to Google’s search algorithms, content has become the glue that binds consumers with the brands they are interested in and Influencers at Work CEO Daan Sip hopes his platform will assist with engagement.

“Content is the main reason to go online. Since the the content created and shared by influencers has become more and more important,” Sip explained.

“They have got that authentic voice and are a massive influence on large groups of people, especially regarding themes like beauty, fashion, food, gadgets and lifestyle.”

Access to millions of unique impressions

There are already 850 of the Netherland’s biggest content creators listed on Influencers at Work platform. They have a combined total of over 60 million content views and 3.2 million unique impressions per month.

The onus is on content creators to subscribe to the platform and connect their social channels to the system, though. An incentive being that they get to supplement any income they make from ad revenues.

Using their social media background, founders Sip and Niels Verhoeven have implemented a selection process that factors in reach per social network, quality of content, and influence in specific verticals such as beauty, fashion, food and more.

While the platform is still currently in beta, Sip did reveal to PerformanceIN that there are plans to roll out the service beyond the Netherlands’ borders, with the Nordics, Germany, the UK and France being targeted.