Digital marketing company Amobee has launched Amobee 3D, a 3D display ad product with support for multiple digital devices.

Advertisers can use Amobee 3D to add a new form of engagement to their digital ads. The product features full-volume 3D scenes complete with accelerometer support, while offering 360-degree interactivity.

Features such as 3D animated headlines, dynamic hotspots and cutting-edge visuals are said to be what attracted companies such as Ford, Nokia and BMW to Amobee 3D. 

On average the campaigns created by these Fortune 100 brands increased engagement by three to four times when compared with the industry average for other rich media ad formats.

Sensory experience

By tapping into more of a consumer’s senses, Amobee CTO Gil Sheinfeld wants to make advertising an emotional experience that will be remembered long after the viewer has moved on. 

“Today’s consumers live in a multi-screen world, and with Amobee 3D we strive to make the ad experience as fun and engaging as possible,” said Sheinfeld. 

“Amobee 3D technology is now able to deliver full-sensory, interactive digital ads across all screens, and it’s going to change the way brands interact with consumers in a very real and authentic way.”

Amobee app [ad] showcase, available for iOS and Android, has examples of the new 3D ads and can be downloaded now.