Mobile tech firm Mandalay Digital has completed a deal for Berlin app search engine Xyo to boost its content delivery arm.

Mandalay’s very own Digital Turbine is the beneficiary in this equation as the US firm intends to move tech from Xyo’s mobile app recommendation product across to its subsidiary.

This is with the intention to enhance Digital Turbine’s end-user app recommendations, while the inclusion of existing partnerships with mobile operators such as Deutsche Telekom Europe and Vodafone are also likely to boost the firm going forward.

“Right app, right time”

As well as their app-finding technology, several members of Xyo’s Berlin-based team will transfer across to Digital Turbine as part of the move.

Company co-founders Zoe Adamovicz and Marcin Rudolf will take roles as manager of operations at Digital Turbine’s EMEA division and head of R&D and technology development respectively. They will be joined by five more of their colleagues, who will also gain positions at Digital Turbine.

It is unknown whether they will move across to any one of the group’s offices in the US, Australia and Israel.  

Bill Stone, chief executive officer at Zoe and Marcin’s new employer, said their product would add huge value to Digital Turbine’s existing mobile content delivery offering. Part of this is delivered by the company’s IQ product, which also helps users find the most suitable mobile apps.

Stone added: “There is a shared vision between both companies on the significant opportunity for operators and OEMs [original equipment manufacturers] to distribute and monetize mobile content.

“There is a huge consumer appetite for finding and recommending the right app at the right time, versus wading through thousands of apps in the app store. This presents a significant opportunity for us at a time when our Ignite and IQ products are just beginning to ramp up around the globe.”

App delivery

Since presenting its core offering in 2012, Xyo has grown to become a key player in the app market by offering a highly innovative solution for consumers wishing to find apps that suit their interests and preferences.

Owners of Android and iOS devices can use Xyo’s desktop site to browse through over 1000 micro categories, thus exposing programs that may have otherwise slipped under their radar. These same consumers can also link Xyo up to their Facebook profile to unearth programs that match their real-life interests.

The business is funded by advertisers which pay for Xyo to promote their apps when a desired user is looking for something to match their tastes.