Enterprise tag management and analytics firm TagCommander has claimed €6.5 million in a Series B round of investment.

With the extra cashflow, Paris-based TagCommander is hoping to accelerate its commercial expansion throughout Europe, eyeing United Kingdom, Germany, Spain and Italy as potential subsidiaries.

Heading up the investment was Hi Inov, part of Dentressangle Initiatives, joined by two other French venture capital organisations in XAnge Private Equity, an investor in the company since 2012, and Bpifrance Digital Ambition Fund.

TagCommander’s cloud platform gives users the chance to bring together and manage all digital marketing vendor tags that are present in their website pages and mobile apps. The resulting visitor insight helps to improve marketing at different points in the sales funnel.

Tag management trends

Following in the footsteps of other tag management acquisitions such as DC Storm, which was purchased by Rakuten, and TagMan, now part of Ensighten, TagCommander has capitalised on marketers’ thirst for customer journey insights.

More than 400 marketing vendors are supported by TagCommander, which also uses digital data management for marketers that want to go it alone and digital attribution for collaborative insights.

Founded in 2010, TagCommander now has over 250 ecommerce clients spread across a global footprint 16 countries.

Creating a point solution

PerformanceIN spoke to Michael Froment, CEO of TagCommander, who revealed that his company has set out to differentiate itself from other platforms through being known as an independent solution.

“Tag management systems harvest much more visitor insight than do each individual point solutions. By letting marketers gain visitor insight, and in turn funnel real-time data streams to each point solution, we let each of those solutions be far more precise in its targeting and personalisation. We let them market better on their own,” he said.

“But we understand that there’s also a need to get point solutions to work better together – that’s why we’ve built an attribution solution at the heart of our system. Leveraging the attribution solution, marketers may get their tools to market better together.”