The founder of Constant Commerce, an e-commerce platform which bridges the gap between ads and digital shopping baskets, has announced plans to branch out of the UK.

San Francisco and Singapore have been earmarked as the next stops on the London-based company’s journey, which is unfolding at rapid pace. A client of supermarkets including Walmart, Tesco and global brands such as Unilever and General Mills, Constant Commerce provides tools for enabling customers to order items they have clicked on an ad for.  

The company describes its offering as “shoppable” software which presents display ads on websites as well as placements on social media and even YouTube clips.   

California dreamin’

Johnathan Agnes, founder of Constant Commerce, said the demand for this technology has been “phenomenal” and spoke positively about the decision to expand the business overseas.

“We are now working with some of the world’s biggest and best-known brands and as we work with these partners to develop new technologies, the need for us to open offices in both the US and Asia became obvious.”  

One third of Constant Commerce’s business derives from the US and Latin American markets and a move into San Francisco’s San Mateo area could aid progress stateside.

The company has plans to grow its revenue by up to 300% over the next year and, given the increase in funds, is looking to recruit the best possible talent to push the business forward. 

Some of the company’s current investors include PR boss Matthew Freud and Betfair founder Andrew Black.