Mobile advertising technology company Fyber, formerly Sponsorpay, has been purchased by RNTS Media in a cash and stock transaction.

Fyber will line up as a subsidiary of global media company RNTS that will have little impact on the firm’s day-to-day running. The plan is to keep Fyber as an independent business unit under the company’s existing leadership team.

That same leadership team will have a say in future RNTS strategies too, as Fyber co-founder and CEO Andreas Bodczek transitions to MD and CEO of the RNTS Media Management Board, while Janis Zech, co-founder and CRO of Fyber, will also sit on the management board.

Of the many benefits from the deal, Fyber has pinpointed its new access to public capital markets as being influential because of the resources that will be on hand to allow growth into new verticals and penetrate key geographic regions.

Mobile SSP development

Another result of the acquisition will see Fyber hiring 60 more employees globally by the end of the year in order to support the development of its mobile supply-side platform (SSP).

RNTS is not without gain either as it looks to place Fyber at the centre of the company’s future strategy, which Ryan Kavanaugh, RNTS Media supervisory board member, sees as its mobile apps.

“The confluence of RNTS’ cross-platform digital media expertise and the agility and ferocity of a transatlantic startup company is powerful,” he explained. 

“Fyber is an attractive partner to leverage for our networks around the world, and will become a tech gateway for RNTS to the mobile app ecosystem.”

Approximately 150 million unique users are served each month by Fyber, fuelling a revenue increase of 76% from 2010 to 2013.