Mission Control Insights is the latest addition to Rocket Fuel’s programmatic media-buying platform’s analytics, the company has announced.

Due out in the fall of 2014, Mission Control Insights will offer campaign reporting and insights to customers of Rocket Fuel’s managed service, helping advertisers to interpret trends that could hone their automated ad-buying strategy.

Trends can be viewed through categories such as page content, consumer interests, geography and time, which can then be ordered by lift or volume contribution in terms of conversion activity and clicks.

The forthcoming addition to Rocket Fuel’s package also delivers a weekly newsletter to users, featuring basic delivery, performance, and insights reports.

Artificial Intelligence

Rocket Fuel’s model is all about its artificial intelligence and Simon Hayhurst, the company’s senior vice president of product and business development thinks, AI is the way forward for this type of ad platform.

“Now, our customers can take a look under the hood and see the power and quality of AI technology versus manual knob-turning systems,” Hayhurst said. 

“By shining a light on what our AI has learned, we reinforce our commitment to the success of the marketer by giving them new unexpected insights into their customers, and tactics to try on other media channels.”

Originally launched as a display advertising platform for desktop, Rocket Fuel recently noted that 31% of its revenue came from mobile, an area that is set to grow.