Personalized digital marketing company Conversant has announced a fresh video advertising solution off the back of its integration with SET Media.

Following the acquisition of SET earlier this year, Conversant is now offering deeper transparency and more targeting options, which includes segmenting data down to past purchases, lifestyles, interests and behaviours.

To “change the game” in video ads, Michael Mathieu, general manager of Conversant Video Solutions Group, is hoping all the new tools that have been added into SET’s platform help boost revenues for marketers.

“By combining the resources of the video innovation leader and the world’s foremost one-to-one marketing platform, we now offer advertisers true transparency, unparalleled targeting and real, data-verified solutions to the industry concerns of viewability and brand safety,” he said.

Audience validation

SET now has a Guaranteed Audiences Solution that uses Nielsen’s Online Campaign Ratings (OCR) and comScore’s Validated Campaign Essentials (vCE) to measure and validate key target audiences.

Conversant says that marketers can target consumers around annual or one-off events such as holiday shopping season, sports matches or other mass-market entertainment dates.  Programmes can be tailored to the airing of television ads during these events too.

Bot traffic is a real thorn in the side for advertisers at present and Conversant has attempted to allay these concerns with a brand safety feature that analyses every potential placement before an ad runs.

SET was founded in 2007 and has offices in both San Francisco and New York City. Before the acquisition it was known for the way it used proprietary object, facial and motion detection to find relevant users for ad targeting.